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LOVE! 1/19/2010

I finished my first piece of the new year, late Tuesday night.  I've been working on this panel for a few days - off and on.  It took longer than usual because I did micro-stippling around all of the letters designs in each of the 15 blocks.  As with most of my wall hangings, I used 100 weight silk to do the outlining and stippling.

Here's a close-up of the wreath block to show the micro-stippling ...
Finished up the quilting on my Past & Present quilt this afternoon.  I was only going to do a couple of rows, but I was so close to finishing up the whole thing that I stayed downstairs and got it done.  Now I just need to finish the binding.

I used a Sashiko style quilting technique.

and here's the texture on the back ...

Pampered Pooch Doggie Blanket 11/4/2009

I CAN'T BELIEVE that it's been so long since I've had a chance to work on my quilting.  But it was a thoroughly needed break from all of my other projects which have totally consumed my time the past few months.

I did some continuous curve quilting on this small dog blanket which was made from Moda's Pampered Pooch line.


Nell's Flower Shop Yo-Yo Pillow 2/7/09

I decided to try making some yo-yo's (large size - using the Clover Yo-Yo maker) and attach them to the front of a 14" pillow.  I used charm squares from Moda's Nell's Flower Shop line for the yo-yo's, and some coordinating yardage for the body of the pillow.  Before attaching the "mat" of yo-yo's, I used some #100 silk (coffee colored) to do some freemotion meandering to quilt the front of the pillow case.


Horizon BOM - Block 6

Here's Block 6 in the Horizon BOM series. 

I'm not sure how to feel about this block.  It turned out okay - I suppose, although it was done using the paper piecing technique - which I'm not especially fond of. 

I was super excited about this BOM series when it began.  I looked forward to the beginning of each new month so that I could download and piece that month's block.  I think it was the third month when the company running the program decided to post the block pattern late.  Then everything was okay for a month or two.  But this month, it was SUPER late.  With the holiday and the start of a new year, I figured they were just running behind.  I ended up sending them an email around the 11th. asking when the pattern would be posted.  I never got a response from the company.  Then on the 17th. I decided to email them again.  Finally on the 19th. the next block's pattern was posted.  I was elated!  That afternoon I made the new block.

BUT, there was a problem.  After I finished assembling what *should* have been a 12" block (12½" unfinished) - I started to get a sinking feeling.  I pulled out the measuring tape and my fears were confirmed.  The block only measures 11½" unfinished.  Now, this block was done with foundation papers.  I double-checked that my printer had printed them correctly.  Everything seems to be in order.  So the error was probably committed when the pattern was first created.  It's unfortunate that no one had caught the boo boo. 

So, now I have a block that really can't be used as part of my BOM quilt - since all of my other blocks are 12½" unfinished - except this one!  And worst of all, it used up the fabric that I have for this quilt top. Since these fabrics are a couple of years old - it's not like I can just run to the store to buy more of the ones that I run out of.  Uggh!  Uggh!


X Marks The Spot

30" x 30"  -- Fabrics from Moda's Fig & Plum collection.   This kit was a gift from my parents on Christmas.



Oh My Dog!

Well, I had the embroidery module running today - which needs a little babysitting.  So while I have a gazillion other things to do - I had to find something to do while I was in the quilt room monitoring the embroidery module.  I had picked up a pack of charm squares in the Oh My Dog! line from Moda a few months ago - and had never done anything with them.   I decided to go ahead and use them to make a little doggie blanket ouf of the charm squares.  It was simple piecing, nothing too complicated.  I am using an orange Moda fabric for the binding and backing.  I'll probably just do some basic meander stippling on this - nothing too fancy.  I'm sure it will get washed quite a bit!   (27½" x 27½")

The little doggies in sweaters remind me of my four dachshunds.

The other fun part of this project is that I used my "Baby Bernina" to piece this one.   My main machine is a Bernina Aurora 440, that's the machine that was doing the embroidery today.  So, my other machine, a Bernina 230PE was put to work to do some piecing.  I call it my "Baby Bernina" because it's smaller than the Aurora, but it really does a good job.  It's funny that you really don't realize how much you get used to a certain machine until you switch to another one.  The smaller Bernina does a fine job - but it doesn't have some of the features that I am used to using on my Aurora.

Horizon BOM - Block 5

Well, I finally had a chance to do this month's block-of-the-month.   This block is called Garden Path.


Fast No-Match Stars in Bits of Blue & Gray

Today was my favorite kind of day - it was snowy and cold, and I didn't have to leave the house!  I started out kind of early this morning cutting up loaves of sourdough for the dressing for Thanksgiving dinner.  After I cut them up into cubes, I put them in the oven for a few hours to dry them out - boy am I glad that my oven can hold four cookie sheets at one time!  I made two loaves of Sourdough on Sunday, and four on Monday.  I also went out on Monday to pick up the turkey, a smaller one this year since it will just be me and my husband for dinner.   And I also picked up 5 lbs. of sausage for the dressing.   I always make a ton of stuffing, but this year part of it will be eaten here by me and my husband, and the other half will be taken to my grandma's house for dinner with the family.  (That's a long story)  I ended up using only four loaves of Sourdough, so I was able to slice some of the extra to go with our dinner tonight, and I'll have another fresh loaf to go with our Wednesday meal - which will be OUR official Thanksgiving here at the house. (yes, a day early)

Tonight after the shows I finished up my Fast No-Match Stars quilt.  I used part of a fabric collection that I had purchased several years ago, called Bits of Blue & Gray from Marcus Brothers Textiles.  The quilt store where I purchased the fabric actually went out of business a couple of years ago unfortunately.  The pattern was from the UrbanElementz website, in their free Downloads section.  The finished top worked up to be about 46" x 58" with the borders that I added.  I had enough of the border fabric to get the binding made up - but I'll have to purchase some additional yardage for the backing.